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Your family movies will not be interrupted anymore with our digital solutions. With powerful Linksys wireless solution,

you can create an optimized network that lets the flow of entertainment going in your home. Linksys lets you connect your DVRs, Blu-ray and various gaming consoles with the fast and reliable video streaming in HD. You can opt for transfer speed up to 300 mbps.

You have found Linksys and now we will help you in staying connected with the people you love. Follow our guidelines for the best home networking experience of your life. We help you preserve your family memories for a lifetime. Be it fast data or image transferring speed over the smartphone or your computer – We are the solution. For super streaming and remote home videos monitoring – switch to a smart and reliable network – Linksys.

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A linksys device will enhance your business processe, making work smoother for your employees.

A media server with in-built USB port allows you to share files and docs with the network without any interruptions. Linksys routers and extenders are extremely compatible with Xbox 360, P3 and other gaming consoles you have installed inside the office.
We admire your business and want to make it better! Whether you are a small business or a giant firm, our ideas are simple – To make you stay connected with those who are at remote locations. Our security solutions are simply a world class programming architecture. Let us help you find a way out of this IT complexity.
We have converted ideas to smart and powerful solutions by working hard on each and every product. We want you to relax while we solely take care of the storage solutions and security. We have designed and reliable networking devices that help businesses stand out from the crowd. The connectivity is reachable and easily accessible in all remote areas and others.

We have only one motive – To grow your business by offering brilliant speed.

We understand that your customers are everything for you. Simply because they are everything to us.

At Linksys, we help you maintain that special connection that shouts success. Whether it is a commercial place or residential area, we understand your urge of staying connected at every point of time.

When it comes to home connectivity and networking, Linksys services are incomparable. Partner with us to stay productive with the help of our out thinking solution with carefully crafted features.

Still, have any doubts? Feel free to connect with our technical support team to solve your problems in a matter of seconds. We assure you that our solutions are the best you'll find. Our technicians are smart, professional and friendly and delightfully solve your issues. They will surely help you by coming up with a precise and smooth process.

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Wireless Routers for your home

Linksys are pioneers of wireless connectivity. Our wireless routers completely depict our perfection.

For whom are these wireless routers best for?
Our exclusive wireless routers are the best for those who have minimal internet usage at home. We don't suggest them for more than six devices altogether. Our routers are strong and have incredible capabilities as compared to other connection.
Over time, we have made them faster and innovative, so that they let you lead and not follow.
To securely manage and access your network tools at home, Opt for wireless networks that can help you stay connected with your loved ones no matter on which part of the world they are.


If you have problems in streaming videos, internet surfing, and gaming in certain areas of your house, our Extender is the right device that you need. They deliver strong signals to devices in close proximity.

04LINKSYS 1750


Specifically designed to give your conductivity high-density performance and faster speed.

To give your clients an increased WiFi freedom use exclusive networking devices by Linksys where your clients experience speed with maximizing performance.

The best part is the enhancement that comes with our devices that channels 80Mhz channels. This is the best way to provide greater data bandwidth while operating in less crowded 5Ghz band space. The 802.11 AC technology delivers data rates at up to three times faster than the standard 802.11 with data rates up to 1750 Mbps.

What do our Linksys extenders do?

They amplify your router's wireless signals so that you can experience the power of speed. Our technicians can help you setup Linksys extenders that send these signals to the hard-to-reach spots of your home.

They'll help you boost network performance for strong internet access both inside and outside your home. No matter what brand your router is, we'll help you amplify the internet speed.

Do you know why there are some no/low coverage spots in your house?

  • There are internal and external walls blocking the system.
  • Your furniture and appliances might be an interruption in the router's signals.
  • Your Router/Extender firmware is outdated.
  • The router is not placed at the centre spot
  • There are other devices around the router which emit radiations, such as microwave.
  • The router is not powerful enough to deliver a seamless internet access.
  • The extender is not configured precisely
  • Too many unauthorized devices hooked to your network

Worrying about the network security?

Well, no more. Linksys safeguards sensitive company assets and resources with robust security. Let our tech support experts help you in the highly secure guest access with a customized guest login page.

We configure your network devices, be it the Linksys router, extender, AC adapter and your day to day computer issues. For all in one service that depicts class and performance, connect with us. Call us anytime to learn about our expert methods.

We believe in building relationships with our clients for a lifetime. With our impeccable services, you'll definitely feel the connectivity.

Let us help you lead a better life that compliments your lifestyle. Call our technical support team today to make the best of our services.

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